Latest Chinese recipes!


  1. Karenit says

    My daughter gave me an All – Clad 12″ skillet for Christmas several years ago – I loved it and bought myself a 10″ one. They are superb! One day soon I plan to get myself one of their large stockpots – I make a lot of soup during the winter months.

  2. Chris (The Peche) says

    Love Financier’s macarons, too. One (or two) of those with a large coffee is the perfect morning break. The company I work for has two locations in NYC, one near Bouchon and the other near Financier. Can’t complain…

  3. Christineinnewyork says

    I love the reflection picture.

    I’ve had All-Clad copper core pots and pans for the last five years, and it’s been the best investment I have made for kitchen equipment. Ironically, I think they’re a bit too expensive today, but that’s because the price of copper has skyrocketed. They’re still the best.

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