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  1. Eva @ Eva Bakes says

    I stay healthy by trying to eat right (maybe just ONE piece of chocolate per day rather than multiple – ha!). I also make time to enjoy my favorite exercise – figure skating.

  2. Grace says

    When life gets hectic I try to keep more routine than usual in any other aspect that I can – for example, working out at the same time each day, rotating through a few (healthy) meals each week so I don’t have to think about it, and counting on friends and family to keep me accountable.

  3. Julie Wood says

    I stay healthy by eating a good breakfast to help me start the day. I exercise everyday, and eat lean meats, veges, whole grains and take vitamins.

  4. Mami2jcn says

    I just gave birth 7 weeks ago and I’ve been trying to exercise by taking strolls around the neighborhood and walking around the house while wearing my baby.

  5. Natalie says

    Even if life gets hectic, I get up earlier in the morning to exercise. I also bring portable healthy snacks in my car so I am not tempted to eat fast food.

  6. Yidi says

    I stay healthy by being conscious of how much coffee I drink and setting goals to get outside and always breath some fresh air everyday!

  7. Angie says

    I try to catch up on ear, sleep and sunshine on the weekends! My husband and I are also starting a new exercise program… in our basement. It’s much easier when we don’t have to go far or dress up to exercise.

  8. Julie Wood says

    I make sure to eat healthy no matter if life is hectic. I also take vitamins and make sure to eat lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, fruits. I make a lot of my meals ahead of time so I do not have an excuse to not eat healthy every day.

  9. Kristen D. says

    I try to work out if possible every day when travelling- even if that is a nice long walk to explore parts of whatever city we are visiting. When it’s nice enough outside nothing beats exploring during a morning run!

  10. Kate says

    Love your travel pics!

    I stay healthy by making sure I always have some meals in the freezer so I can eat well even when I’m busy.

  11. Youngmi says

    Vitamins! Someone once told me that zinc is key to avoiding colds so I take a multivitamin everyday that includes zinc. Also, taking 15 minutes to stretch each evening makes a big difference in how I feel the next day.

  12. ELIZABETH P says

    I take a multi gummy vitamin everyday – drink plenty of water and get my sleep – it is tough sometimes but staying healthy has to be a habit!

  13. Diane says

    I exercise as much as possible, eat a healthy breakfast every morning and try to take a vitamin every day, which isn’t always easy to remember! Definitely going to look for vitafusion gummy’s next time I am shopping!

  14. Jordan D. says

    I try to carve out an hour each day to exercise. It keeps me on track with healthy eating, and makes me feel better when my stress level is high. Planning ahead and prepping meals or having healthy snacks on hand that I can stash in my car, desk, or purse are also a must!

  15. Jessie C. says

    I stay healthy by drinking water, having balanced meals and squeeze ten minutes for exercise when life is hectic.
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  16. Margaret Smith says

    I try to plan our meals and not decide last minute what we’re going to eat. I also keep healthy snacks in our house.

  17. Dan says

    how to stay healthy…

    stay hydrated with water
    walk a lot 5000 steps a day is totally doable
    try to resist every fast food joint you see

  18. D Schmidt says

    Congrats on the job!
    I achieve consistency by reminding myself of the reasons why I adopted the new habit, usually the reminder is always trying to be a good and healthy role model for my child. Sometimes being healthy is tricky for me though!

  19. Gina M says

    I treat my exercise as an appointment with myself to keep it a top priority despite what else is going on.

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  20. Betty C says

    Wow! What a thrilling year you have had. I understand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are crazy busy. My life is much more structured. My children are adults and I’m alone in my household so it’s easy to establish routines and eat that well balanced diet that keeps me on track.

  21. angie says

    When things get stressful, I tend to overeat because I am a food addict. It is a constant struggle. But I try to stick to my organic diet and always stick to my vegetarian diet to try and be healthy, even if I eat too much.

  22. Birdiebee says

    There are days when it is hard to stay on my healthy routine with a lot of chaos going on. I just don’t beat myself up over it and get back to my healthy routine as soon as possible. I do a lot of yoga to de-tune in the meantime.

  23. Ellie Wright says

    I need a little alone time every day to keep healthy and sane. So even if it’s just a quick hot bath at the end of the day, I try to have a quiet moment to regroup.

  24. Kristen says

    One of the ways I try to stay healthy is by cooking at home more than eating out and by packing lunches and snacks so I’m not as tempted by “junk” foods when I’ m out.

  25. Kathryn C says

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I stay healthy by starting each day with a healthy, high fiber fruit smoothie for breakfast

    Kathryn C

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